Arrested By Depression

F68A0BCA-ABE1-4CB1-AAF7-87A8B6C415A3Everyone at sometime in life will experience depression, its the people who turn the arrest in to a life sentence that this post is for.

I am not an author or a professional writer, i am a person who has lived through depression at various different stages at the university of life. I will like to post and share my experience of depression.

My very first experience began shortly after the birth of my daughter in 2001, i remember feeling a mixture of feelings which is natural following the birth of a child.These feelings were different,they where more complexed and hard to understand, i was entering a cycle of depression. I was arrested and sentenced to 18yrs of depression. Depression has become another part of me, it  has turned into my friend and my enemy.

Depression as a friend

Hi, i am depression and i want to be with you like a friend you never had. I would come into you world to remind you of how far you have come, but i will keep you with me as a best friend.If i feel our friendship distancing i will  remind you of our close tie. I fear that you will one day leave me for good, that is my biggest fear, you being free. I know you will one day leave me, you have become so close in ending our relationship but i know you will always come back to me. I am scared that this time you will leave me for good. I am secretly proud of you and how far you have come but i am scared to let you go……

Depression as an enemy

You have arrested me at a very young age for a crime that i have not committed, i am innocent. You stole a lot of my dreams and goals and watched me crumble away from the person i once was. You stole my biggest asset, my smile. You robbed my happiness and stole my joy. You lied to me over and over. You told me that i will never be free. You made me believe that nothing is real, and that there is no point me doing anything. I just wanted to be free from you. I hate you, that you love me.

Q-Can depression ever be positive, and used to benefit our evolution,or is it negative, do people from different races experience depression differently, and is there social stigma linked to persons living with depression within the BAME communities.





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