Domestic Violence Diaries

Get your fucking hands of me, i am not Mohammed Ali, i am a mothers baby, a mummy to a son and a daughter, these bruises will need more than a splash of water and a plaster as he punched his fist on my face faster and faster, just last week my arm was in a cast, yes that’s the past but it hurts the bruises on my legs are transparent in this skirt, I covered my legs with tights to discuise the bites, you bit me hard, leaving more than a scar, as I adjusted my bra, I reach for the car and attempt to drive away,but you beg me to stay another day, I just want you to go away.024EED7C-B9DD-479C-BA52-FFB7A9B3BCCB.jpeg

Dear Diary,

He did it again, this time I am in even more pain,as I sit here with a black eye and watch the pouring rain I can’t go through this again, as I look in the mirror yesterday fight was over dinner,I feel like such a sinner to have fallen in love with a killer of joy, I am not a toy that you can slap and kick when you feel like it all I can hear is tick,tick,tick, I feel so sick to have given so much years to a prick.

Dear Diary

He looked me in the eyes and with no surprise he spat at me and called me fat, he kicked me in the stomach and even beat the cat, he must be on crack coz this is so wack, he wears two hats, after today there is no come back.

Dear Diary,

I can’t believe I am still here, knowing that he don’t even care, and never has, this is so bad, I wish I had my dad, he knew you was not for me, I was to busy getting money, ain’t that funny that everyone knew ,my whole crew that this MF beat me black and blue.

Dear Diary

Today was my birthday, my earth strong how wrong, you behaved like dog I pray to God that you let this fish be free from your rod. You are weak really,but to me very scary Mary Jane I am in pain this shit can’t happen again.


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5 thoughts on “Domestic Violence Diaries

  1. This blog is very powerful because I believe many females and males can relate to the pain. It is a good insight of how victims of domestic violence feel. Keep writing as it is heeling and you maybe able to help someone else who has or who is in your situation. X

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  2. Powerful.


  3. I read through the passage and thought it was an actual account. The grammar was modern so gave it a human feel. Nonetheless quite dark hopefully it ended well.


    1. Hey AR,

      Thank you for your comment.

      I will endevour to make a sequence.

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