London Knife Crime.

No more violence on London streets, not another lost heart beat,to a knife, that’s not life behind bars HMP family,another brother, mother to mother, it’s such a shame another loss at zero cost, in the name of what,gun shot in London Town where shit goes downing streets, yet another beef on London streets,postcode ops mans getting dropped,all this madness has to stop from block to block,ain’t you the same peeps that went primary school together, you used to be friends in the ends,wearing TNs, and cool with each another,till you fool on a brother,moved with your mother to another postcode,I don’t see you on Rd, you move different now, making money, turned you funny, I see attitude, watched your YouTube, set the energy,of some next mood,the news blames it on drill music,truss that’s not it, that’s just some quick fix, up in this matrix, it’s the system that gets us thinking, put the knifes down, let’s not allow there to  be another victim.

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1 thought on “London Knife Crime.

  1. Reblogged this on Share2WritePoetry and commented:

    London has reduced to this. Lost for words.



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