Mama Cry

Dear Mama,

I see the tears in your soul but the smile in your heart, I knew from the start God made no mistake,it was more than fate when you and my father went on your first date, daddy told me you was always late, doing your hair and face. Your big Afro and 80s flares made everyone on the block stare, you didn’t care, I was your little teddy bear, I thank God for bringing me here.

I see you struggle when we couldn’t pay the catalogue off, and the milk man the neighbours used to rob for the pennies to buy chocolate fudge pie, how sad I felt when my nana died. I remember the phone call from oversea I can see in your eyes that a part of you died. Oh mama please don’t cry.

Mama don’t cry wipe the tears from your eye, be strong God is never wrong. Mama don’t cry wipe the tears from your eye, be strong, God is never wrong.


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