Stressed Burn Out

Hi All,

We all experience stress which can often be a sign to slow down and switch off and reconnect with the moment. We don’t want to live the rest of our lives working and working and working to the point that we actually feel like we are on fire and burnt out to the point of exhaustion. Sometimes just listening to secondary information about a somebody traumatic event can make us feel stressed and fearful, we actually feel the experience. Researcher have found evidence of PTSR in those who watch news reports or videos about terrorism,war and natural disaster.

Watch what information we are consuming. Think about ways that you can relax device free for 5 to 10 mins a day. I know this might seem impossible for some of you,try visualising  it as a me moment where you find your calm centre.

Do not allow any job to cause you to feel burnt out to the point of exhaustion, the body will signal to you when you need to slow down and breathe.


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