F..K Fear It Is Not Real

F FEAR.jpgAfter graduating from uni i thought i had my whole life planned out, little did i know that the fear of the big world vacuumed me up. I didn’t feel that i could accomplish what i knew i was born to do. I just stopped, i feel into a deep whole and lost my self.

You don’t have to allow that to happen to you. You have to promise yourself that no matter what it takes you will not give in. The real war is between you and you. Yep, you are in war with yourself. You have one shot at this thing called life. So you decided where you want to spend your day. Coz the actual fact is no one can do it like you. No fucking body can rock it like you in the exact way you do your thang.

Fuck Fear the shit ain’t even real. FEAR=False Evidence Appearing Real.


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