Let That Shit Go!

There are some people that you just have to say goodbye and let the shit go its way.

If you are around people who you feel you have to mother,tutor, or constantly give advice to, eventually you will burn your ass out.

You need to be around people where there is reciprocity.

How does this person make you feel, like really how do they make you feel? How we act towards them is the same way how they act towards us, they might be taking you for granted because they feel your ass will always be there, they are using you as Mr&Mrs door mat, don’t be someone door mat guys, we are better than that. Make them appreciate you and your time. It is not your duty to be around them and their life problems which are the same with or without your advice. These peeps are taking you for a long ride. You have a choice not a duty. Remind yourself of this.

If they inspire you with their problems then you may want them to stay, but if they are energy draining your ass then let them go. It is time to say goodbye and let that shit go!


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