What You Reveal Heals

Mental Health.jpgMental health carries a stigma that is often not addressed by the sufferers but by the professionals.

The professionals send patients off with medication and a note to have time off from work,and a letter to show employer to show you empathy.There is often not a  follow up on how the patient is coping. This often led to the patient having adverse affects   and developing a co dependant relationship with medication. I do get it that there are some patients that find medication works for them, and that is fine for that person truth.Real change can only happen by having understanding, agreement and unity.

Food for thought, there is so much short term gratification, its hard to stay patient. This can  cause high levels of  anxiety. Anxiety patients reported on feeling like they are thinking to fast. They develop ruminating about the past, present,and future but not living in the moment. Medication will not help this sympton but mediation would help to live in the present moment. We don’t allow ourselves to just be where we are. We form addiction patterns and find it difficult to cure our addictions.

Why can’t we become addicted to loving ourselves?? How are we over burdening ourselves?

The world is fast moving and often we want to try and keep up with the current trends, we want to feel in touch with the world, we don’t want to appear old and ancient, but often this is done to our deteriment, our mental health crashes. This means something we are doing is overwhelming us to the point of exhaustion. Check the type of people you have in your inner circle, the type of conversations that you are having, and the type of energy that you are surrounding yourself around.

When spoken about with individuals experiencing depression i often hear them say that medication does not work, and that they feel no one actually understands their feelings. They often ignore the alternative methods of treatment such as Yoga,Mindfullness Meditation,to a simple trip to the park.

I didn’t know the benefits of just taking a walk in to nature. I try to visit the park with the intention of walking the dog, it always turns into a jog and a very good mood stimulant. Also by using positive affirmations to make changes really helps.

We don’t know each other spiritual lesson. Let go and embrace self love.No drug can provide this.



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