Dr Phil-My Black Daughter Thinks She IS White

72147D98-299E-4A31-BB03-8A3A691C59F5Who taught you to hate you, what kinda mother raised you not to love the skin your in, then drag ya ass to Dr Phil, what on earth was she thinking🤔why are you not embracing the race, girl look at your face, sorry but your mothers a disgrace to the black race, you think you’re 5mins of fame is enough to put you in the game. Girl go to skool, stop following these fools on these fake pedastools, get on your hands and knees and pray to God child coz your disease is effecting the black community. Relax like your hair, we really don’t care it’s silly little girls like you who don’t have clue, learn about the slave trade and what your ancestors gave, you really have the nerve to throw shade coz your hurt. Girl sit down,you sound like a clown, you don’t even know who you are by the sound. Self love starts with you, not your mum and her fake ass Dr Phill crew.

Love is all this child needs, so please quit this desperate act just to get on TV and think you can be the next bad baby. Take the mask of is the first stop, take a history lesson and learn from your blessings who shed blood for you luv, and the best you can do is go on Dr Phil show, am done with this girl she has yet to grow and know the facts about being proud to be black.

Girl Bye



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