Ghost Dad

9E682A15-3233-496B-A036-F15EC478CB47.jpegWhere were you when I needed you the most, I actually can say that I have seen a ghost.

Where were you when our daughter took her first step, instead I showed her pictures of when we first met.

Where were you when she turned two, I had to cook,clean and change the nappies filled with baby poo, it’s a mother thing that’s just what we do. I really miss you

Where were you when she turned three and needed to see you not the TV you brought as a Xmas gift, if left to me I give it a miss.

Where was you when she began to walk and talk, I guess you was out doing pot, while your baby girl lie in her cot, or was you playing around with your clowns of friends, trust me fam it’s your loss in the end.

Where was you when we got  evicted, lóst all our belonging, yeah all our things, it feels like trash now, better off in the bin.

Where was you when she got rushed to hospital for falling over and saying she’s not well

Where we’re you on her first day of school, I had to rush to work and be back in time to cook a meal, her her first day then do some play, put her to bed ready for another day.

Where were you now she 6, my girl saw you on IG with some gyal with big bits, and fake ass tits. What a diss on your daughter and all that I’ve taught her.

Where was you when she could go to sleep at night she put up a big fuss and fight, I had to stay up with her day and night.

Where was you when I feel sick, had to go to the doctors who gave me some meds, I don’t do meds, it’s just a lot of resentment in my head

I am no longer going to allow you to rent free space in my head, coz when I look at in from a different perspective I am the one carrying this shit to bed.

You are a ghost of a father our daughter deserves  better, I get it, this is your best.

Carry on being a ghost you make a perfect host. I love my daughter and me the most.

Goodbye Ghost




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