Domestic Violence Diary/Part 2.

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78000FFE-B580-4D68-9BD0-F390D056A979Dear Diary,

I have finally found the inner strength to let go and grow. I feel like I have been in prison doing a life sentence,for a crime of not loving myself enough. I am guilty of not living my life. All the people I have hurt along the process. What a mess.😢

Dear Diary,

After deleting all his numbers and blocking his ass of my social media, I feel like I am slowly gaining my power. I know it won’t happen over night.

Dear Diary,

Today I feel like shit, I hate that I miss him.

Dear Diary,

I was tempted to call his number, but didn’t when I looked at the scar on my face. What a disgrace.

Dear Diary,

I drove past our old home, I thought I was going to be ok, but burst into floods of tears. No one cares. I know people do, but…

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