F the CV/Resume

Why not hire me for my personality, that’s the true reality. I hate cvs, that shit ain’t for me, I am a creative that just wants to be me. I am not what I write on a damn cv.

My CV should say something like this:

Lazy as fuck and spends most time on WordPress or YouTube then flicks though IG and all other social media sites. You need that shit as a creative. Not a brain dead office with Jane and Harry.

Hates the office space that’s filled with gossip

Hate 9-5 to stay alive

Hate being locked into a space living the rat race

Dislike coffee breaks as I don’t drink the shit and on my break I just want to sit and write my blog and tolher shit. I don’t sniff I don’t the pubs-I ocassionsally listen to Dub-One❤️

My last employee I just walked out. Was tired of being a 2019 slave when am not in no grave. That’s fucking insane.

F the CV for creativity. To hire then fire me

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