Chapter 1





Likes-Zog Land,Animals&….

Dislikes-Planet Earth.

Yayah grew up in her mind, her body was in earth and her heart in Zog, a land that will learn more about in chapter 2. She lived Witt her mother, siblings, and a father who she saw ocassionally, she didn’t really know him but enjoyed the thought of him being present.

Life through Yahyah eyes was fast paced with no structure, something she craved for and only saw when she was at school.

If there was one thing Yahyah enjoyed it was learning. Mr Morton was definitely her favourite teacher, there was something about his stern but friendly voice, and the way he brought history to life. Winnie the Pooh read by Mr Morton in his variations of voices made story time simply the best. Learning to play chess explained the rest. Yahyah loved St John’s Primary School with a passion.

It was a little big school, with a warm welcoming. It had a massive church inside the playground which children attended on a daily basis. The church was cold, and stiff but came to life when the bells rang and the priest preached. The oldness immediately made me see and feel energies that I couldn’t put in words. I used to have dreams about the church at nights and got freaked out to the point of bed wetting.

Yahyah was a tall slim quiet girl, calling her an introvert would be an accurate statement of fact. However she had extroverted moments in her mind which seemed to run on over time, she was constantly thinking and not really being in the present, and if she was her mind would drift away to planet zog.

Planet Zog was an escape that only Yahyah could get to. There was happiness and a warm peaceful vibes there.

Everything changed when zog became a place that began calling her to visit more frequently. Earth became rigid and boring. There was no meditation hubs or weird normal, like the time I started talking to myself in 3rd person voices and feeling free to do so without being judged.


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