Bordeline Personality Disorder

This blog is going to briefly explain BPD from a female prospective.

Firstly i give you a few examples,

They have issues with engaging in impulsive, erratic behaviours when in relationships. They need their space, like anyone does in a relationship, but with BPD they cant function without being left alone for a duration of time, this is sometimes to just think, cool down from their high and process the situation.

They have a issue with abandonment, they always feel like the person is about to leave them, or going to leave them, and sometimes we want you to leave us the F alone for the moment, but we love you, people, we just need that me time, now time to function.

They take advantage of vulnerable people, do we?, We don’t and do, whats your views on this??

They live in a mindset where things are either black or white, they fail to see the in between areas. CBT, meditation, talking therapies is good for us.Chat to someone, anyone, if that is not the case, write how you feel down, journal your feelings, this is very important, or better still start a blog on the specific area, connect with others, always remember there are other gifted people like you out there, connect!

They lack taking personal responsibilities for their actions, they can sometimes lack empathy. We can sometimes push the blame around or not take any fault at all,this aint cool guys, learn to respect that we all play equals roles in any given situation that we are a party to.

We have elevated mood swings, from high happy, to low sad, its just who we are i guess, dont look at it as a negative, we feel everything and carry what we feel into our very core, so the friend with the issue becomes our problem.

Sometimes we just dont give a F..K!

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