Loosing Stomach Weight

Hey All,

Firstly i want to thank all my new followers for connecting with me, i am super great full.

In today short blog, we are looking at how to loose the stubborn excess fat in our stomach.

Firstly we have to keep in real with each other, we have stored fat that needs to get burned.

Step 1-Follow a low carb diet, limit all carbs, i know this is difficult guys lol, but try and avoid all forms of sugar consumption…

Step 2-Try intermittent fasting where you fast for 16 hours per day and only eat within a 8 hour time block during the day. Fasting defo work, but beware that when the fast is over, and you binge eat can be dangerous.Try the app Zero which is pretty cool, or do it with a group of friends, or friend, we can try it together, my point is you do not have to do it alone.

Step 3- Exercise regularly and consistently. Try anaerobic training as well as aerobic exercise, guys, try them both together combined.

This should have been number one, but just remember, that this takes time, it will not happen over night, and consistency along with a good balanced diet is key

Good Luck Yall

Stay Health,Stay Blessed

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