Her Name Is Corona

Her name is corona, it’s hard to hold her,Borris Johnson got sick to have to feel and see it, how NHS staff gets treated like dog shit. The work they do on the frontline but somehow never make the punch line. Their lives at risk, but as a nurse you know it’s worth it. To help the ill see God will. We have a death rate that cuts a deep cake. Could this be check mate. Have faith, it’s all a test to understand that God knows best. We all feel what it’s like to live with less. More is less, less is more, it’s a time to reflect on societies poor. And what life feels like for the people on the floor.

More and more people has returned to the heavenly home, leaving they’re loved ones numb, hard to think how life can go on. Her name is Corona, only death can hold her. She is a beast in the air that is trying to cause fear. God is here. Say it again, God is here. United we stand, the holy book in our hand. Infected with love from the ones above.

We can and shall get through this. The world has had a shift, the chosen ones know it.

The real covid19 test is God knows it.

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